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Building a custom home gives you total control of your home’s location, layout and design aesthetic. But that control can quickly become overwhelming without the right custom home builder. If you are seeking a home builder in the greater Lake Thurmond area of Georgia and South Carolina, look to W.V. Development, LLC (WVD). WVD will manage every aspect of your home’s construction, while maintaining an open line of communication and project transparency. When you choose WVD as your custom home builder, we will ensure your new home meets your needs – and exceeds your expectations.

WVD is an experienced construction management company with more than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. We manage each facet of the custom home building process from pre-construction to project closeout and go above and beyond to ensure each home build is an efficient, stress-free and rewarding experience for its owners. While we can execute the construction of your custom home after the design phase is complete, many of our clients choose our design-build services.

W.V. Development: The Area’s Trusted Custom Home Builder

With a focus on the greater Lake Thurmond area of Georgia and South Carolina, including Lincolnton, McCormick, Clarks Hill, Appling, Evans, and Thomson, W.V. Development is proud to help families construct their dream homes, and with an emphasis on relationships and collaboration, we are proud to call many former and current clients friends. To learn more about our custom home building process, contact us at (706) 524-2911.

Stages in the building process

Phase 1: Bidding

  • Introductory Meeting: When a prospective client requests a bid for their project, WV Development will reach out to schedule an in-person meeting. This meeting typically takes place at the WD offices or at the future homesite. During this meeting, we will discuss a prospective client’s construction design goals and anticipated construction timeline, as well as WVD’s current workload and schedule, including both bidding and construction.
  • Design Review: Following the initial meeting, WVD conducts a thorough review of the prospective client’s drawings and determines detailed value engineering options.
  • Follow-up Meeting: After the design review is complete, WVD will schedule a second meeting to review our findings and ask any follow-up questions. During this meeting, we will also provide the prospective client with a detailed list of scope items to distribute to other bidders as well, in order to ensure that the prospective client is getting the most accurate and competitive pricing from all selected bidders. This meeting is typically conducted at an active WVD job site, so that we can walk a prospective client through our build and quality control process. At the conclusion of this meeting, we will provide the client with an expected bid delivery date.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction

If awarded a project, WVD will immediately start the pre-construction phase.
During this phase, WVD will do the following:
  • Execute a prime agreement with the client
  • Confirm owner financing details
  • Perform another critical review of construction drawings
  • Establish project selections with the client
  • Establish a critical path construction schedule
  • As well as any other tasks deemed necessary
At this time, WVD will also procure all project-specific insurances and bonds, permits, subcontractors and vendors. We will also create and maintain a detailed list of value engineering items to review with the client, as well as any potential cost savings we discover.

Phase 3: Construction

During the construction phase, a WVD team member is on each client’s job site at least once per day to ensure project momentum and overall job quality. We provide all of our clients with an updated project schedule at the beginning of each week during construction. We also maintain constant communication with our clients to ensure that a client’s expectations are consistently met or exceeded. During the construction phase, WVD is committed to being present and hands-on from the initial ground breaking through project completion. We maintain a maximum of 10 active projects at any given time.

Phase 4: Closeout

The closeout phase includes all final walk-throughs with clients, as well as all final inspections with local authorities. During this phase, warranties are reviewed with the client and a certificate of occupancy is issued. (Any operations and maintenance manuals will also be provided to the client at this time.)
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